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  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Document Management
  • Recording Transactions
  • Debits credits to respective ledgers

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  • Cash Flow management
  • Accrual Accounting
  • Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet
  • Financial Reporting

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  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning
  • Audit
  • Corporate Tax
  • Personal Tax

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  • Process payroll
  • Pay staff
  • Time sheet Management
  • After the Fact payroll
  • Live Payroll

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  • Data entry Supplier invoices
  • Data entry Supplier payments
  • Reconcile Accounts Payable

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  • Data entry Customer invoices
  • Data entry Customer payments
  • Reconcile Accounts Receivable
  • Chasing overdue invoices

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  • Offline Data Entry
  • Document Filling
  • Web based data entry
  • Excel Data Entry
  • Software Data Entry

Online Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Small Businesses

Now we guess it’s a perfect time to re-strategize and make adjustments to assure you stay on top of your business. When you start a small business, you will hear the terms accounting and bookkeeping. There is a difference between accounting and bookkeeping and small businesses may have both bookkeeping and accounting functions, and they are collective.

Bookkeeping is the practice of documenting your business transactions in your general ledger, the small business bookkeeping software that holds all the financial transactions for your organization since its inception.

Accounting is the practice of examining the record in the accounts book and developing understanding into your business’s financial decisions.

Importance of Online Bookkeeping in a small business

With the help of Bookkeeping you can track your company’s profitability and it allows you to track your earnings over time and indicate multiple ways to improve your company efficiency/performance. Even, it also let you swiftly track transactions and determine how much your business earning.

Proper bookkeeping also let you determine the areas within your firm that could advantage from improvements. If you’re a small business owner, it’s crucial to set projections and predict the future of your business. Bookkeeping accounting lets you know if your small business required extra staff/workers or needs operational changes.

Here we have enlisted some key attributes of Bookkeeping:

  • Handling Cash Flow & Enhanced Financial Management
  • Bookkeeping Helps You Prepare for Taxation
  • Clear Reporting
  • Assess Performance & Plan for the Future

Role of Bookkeeping in small Businesses

Bookkeeping is the part of accounting and its main role in small businesses is to collect and organized financial documents. Simply, bookkeeping will organize and gather every bit of data related to small businesses finances. A bookkeeper is responsible for compiling:

  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Payroll records
  • Bill statements
  • Bank and credit card statements
  • Tax forms and returns

While accounting encompasses these data-collecting duties, this field also contributes to involve examining the numbers and making loss and profit forecasts. Although, bookkeeping as a term doesn’t fundamentally include such long-term computations and analysis.

The Benefits of Small-Business Bookkeeping Solutions

How much more profitable could your small business be if you had the time to concentrate on the actual business rather than managing a variety of management tasks? Then no worries, bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses will give you better management, as far as accounts/financials are concerned and will improve profitability of the business.

Many small businesses in early phases are mainly concerned with compliance – paying bills, getting paid, recording financials, assuring payroll certainty and following state and federal regulations. Eventually, your small business will cross a threshold and you’ll start to place more attention on the need for appropriate, correct financial reports and intelligence. This is when you’ll require more advanced bookkeeping solutions to assist you initiate productive decisions.

Small-business owners are normally busy trying to offer the high -quality service and products, leaving them shorter time to manage their accounting and finances. Many of these small businesses can acquire advantage from bookkeeping solutions.

Boost Collections: Bookkeeping services will enhance collection rates by 30% through improved documentation, collection calls and invoicing.

Acquire ProfitableBookkeeping services will boost profit margins by at least 10%. Many small businesses across a world have seen a growth rate after availing full charge bookkeeping services.

Maximize CashBookkeeping services for small businesses will maximize their cash and clients can acquire daily, weekly, or monthly reports to make exceptional cash decisions.

What Accounting Services Do Small Businesses Need

When you’re a small business owner, you’ve got plenty of work to handle. Toss in accounting, which is a most important task and it can feel overwhelming. In today’s world, small businesses can outsource a variety of accounting services.

Here we have enlisted some key accounting services:

  1. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is the elemental accounting function, and it includes tracking and managing a company’s financial data, including revenue and spending. Bookkeeping is usually performed by a small business bookkeeper with entry-level financial skills. If your bookkeeping isn’t correct, then all other financial statements and calculations are going to be off.  

  1. Monthly Accounting

Monthly accounting services include closing the monthly books and giving understanding about the current financial position of the company. However, professional bookkeeper assist business owners record transactions and keep financial records well-managed.

  1. Cash Flow Forecasting

Every small business should forecast their cash flow. It’s the most appropriate way to make ready for the future and initiate decisions with assurance. By deliberately analyzing a company’s cash outflows and inflows, an outsourced accounting provider can assist business owners avoid surprise bills or shifts in income that can spell failure. In the long run, cash flow forecasting helping business owners make productive decisions and prepared for an ever-changing business environment.  

  1. Financial Statement Preparation

Many small business owners miss the preparation of financial statements like the income statementbalance sheet and cash flow statement. These are the essential documents that give business owners the financial reporting record they need to run their business. Not only can the accountant make ready these statements, but they can also assist you comprehend the financial statements to make the correct decisions with your business.

  1. Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation services assist a business assure all financial transactions are listed in the books and awake the owner to defrauding activity.

  1. Accounts Payable

Every small business is going to buy goods and services from other enterprises. Missing a payment, paying an invoice twice, or paying a bill that wasn’t certain is a huge mistake that many business owners do. Accounts payable services include bill catalogue & organization and making payments.

  1. Forensic Accounting Services

Surely, your business will never require this service, but forensic accounting is used to locate fraudulent and unlawful activities.

Accountants for Small Business Owners

Most small businesses bearing expenses on a daily basis. From payroll, to business expenses like utilities and rent, to growth costs like marketing, there’s a countless list of expenses that affects your business bank account but eventually, keep your business growing. After passing some phases, your business easily can’t get by with a conventional bookkeeping system. With a list of full charge bookkeeping services to control expenses and evaluate results, you can scale up your business to the higher level.

By utilizing full charge bookkeeping services, you can save your time and concentrate on what matters most.

The list of full charge bookkeeping services will assist you to understand how your small business could acquire assistance:

Bills and payments (accounts payable): Keep all of your earlier, current and forthcoming expenses in one place, and classify them as you see suitable.

Invoices (accounts receivable): Track unpaid, paid and coming payments from customers so you regularly know the state of cash flow.

Payroll: Easily take in-depth analysis into your current and upcoming payroll expenses by seeing the costs of staff.

Manage your cash: By assimilate with your business bank account; you can better handle outgoing and incoming cash in your business.

Budgeting: Depend on your finances, set-up a detailed budget particular to your requirements and pave the way for new growth.

Forecasting: As your business expands and takes on more accounts or boosting traffic, regulate the rate at which you’ll business expands (and when you’ll required new resources like employees or equipment).

Customer analysis: By analyzing customer transactions, you can determine which customers and/or industries help you generate the highest revenue.

Create financial statements: Rather than spending hours in an Excel sheet, directly generate reports that disclose what you need to know about your business’s performance.

Ongoing reconciliation: As your business bear new expenses and creates revenue, full charge bookkeeping services can assist you reconcile these outlays.

Cloud-based software: Instead of accumulate information locally, online remote bookkeeping services assist you log expenses in the cloud—meaning anyone in your business can approach this comprehensive information remotely, or you can retain it all to yourself.

Prepare for tax season: As you log new accounts and make extra payments, then make ready your business for a fast and simple tax process.

What Does a Bookkeeper Do for Your Small Business?

You are already doing a lot of duties as you supervise the ongoing activities within your firm. There is no logic why you should be spending time in the regular busywork, such as data entry and report generation. Alternatively, appointing a professional bookkeeper is perfect investments that can aid your company grow.

The more you oppose to assign busy work to others, the more you will slow down your small business growth. Allocate certain responsibilities, such as accounting and bookkeeping, offers you more time during the week. Use this extra time to concentrate on tasks that help your business expands in the future.

Role of a Bookkeeper

The role of a small business bookkeeper is to look after and stay on top of the regular financial needs of a company. The professional bookkeeper will gather and process data about purchases, receipts, payments and sales. Furthermore, a bookkeeper can also work with the in-house accountant of a small business for accurately managing the financial data. 

Here are some of the things bookkeepers do for small businesses:

  • Regular management of accounts
  • Manage timely records
  • Keep small businesses aligned with laws
  • Ready for Tax
  • Control Bank Feeds
  • Manage Accounts Payable
  • Keep track on cash flow

Why Outsource Bookkeeping?

Why Outsource Bookkeeping?

Reports Offered

Accounts Payable Report

An Accounts Payable Report is a comprehensive document detailing all outstanding invoices and bills that a business owes to its suppliers and vendors. It provides a snapshot of the company's financial obligations and helps track payment due dates. This report is essential for managing cash flow, maintaining good relationships with suppliers, and ensuring timely payments.

Accounts Receivable Report

Accounts receivable reports track owed amounts, due dates, and customer balances, aiding cash flow management. They inform credit policies, support financial planning, and ensure regulatory compliance. Vital for monitoring receivables, they optimize cash flow and mitigate bad debts.

Cash Flow Statement

The cash flow statement tracks the movement of cash in and out of a business over a specific period. It shows how operational, investing, and financing activities impact a company's liquidity. This financial statement is crucial for assessing a firm's ability to meet its short-term obligations and invest in future growth.

Bank Reconciliation statement

A bank reconciliation statement is a financial document that compares a company's records of its bank transactions with those recorded by the bank. It ensures accuracy by identifying any discrepancies, such as outstanding checks or deposits, errors, or missing transactions. This process helps reconcile differences, providing a clear picture of the company's actual cash position.

General Ledger Report

A general ledger report provides a comprehensive overview of all financial transactions within a specified period, including income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. It serves as a detailed record of the company's financial health, offering insights into cash flow, profitability, and financial trends. This report is essential for management decision-making, tax preparation, and financial analysis.

Equity Report

An equity report summarizes a company's ownership structure, detailing share distribution among stakeholders. It offers insights into individual equity values, ownership percentages, and voting rights. Crucial for investors and management, it guides decisions on investment, governance, and strategy.

Budget Report

A budget report is a comprehensive financial document outlining planned expenses and income, providing insights into financial performance and forecasting future spending. It offers a detailed breakdown of budget allocations, expenditures, and variances, aiding in strategic decision-making and financial planning.

Accounting Software Expertise

bookkeeping india bookkeeping services in india outsource bookkeeping to india outsource bookkeeping services india online bookkeeping india
bookkeeping india bookkeeping services in india outsource bookkeeping to india outsource bookkeeping services india online bookkeeping india
bookkeeping india bookkeeping services in india outsource bookkeeping to india outsource bookkeeping services india online bookkeeping india

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Frequently Asked Questions

The benefit of outsourcing bookkeeping is cost savings, access to expertise, and more time to focus on core business activities.

Basic of accounting is going to be same for almost all the small business though some of the business has their chart of accounts set up according to their industry standards and we follow the standards of respective Industry.

Not exactly. The primary responsibility of a full-charge Bookkeeper is to complete all online bookkeeping tasks according to GAAP. We have EAs who can prepare and file the Taxes, check out our Tax Preparation services page.
At Line Accountancy, we manage payroll for our clients using their own Payroll software. We handle journal entries and run live payroll according to the advised pay cycle.

Pricing structure is strictly depend on the complexity and Volume of the work. Ultimately it decides whether you need a full time or a part time Bookkeeper.